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Class Webpages:

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Deptarment Software: (for all students)

Ti's CCS Lic. info.

Matlab Overviews: (for all classes)

It is strongly recomended that all students review the 2 hour:
Interactive MATLAB Tutorial by The Mathworks.
Interactive SIMULINK Tutorial by The Mathworks.
Interactive Mupad Tutorials by The Mathworks.
Other Interactive Tutorials by The Mathworks.

Other tutorial resources:

Additional tutorials suggested by The Mathworks.
Matlab Overview: Getting Started with MATLAB
Pre-Lab 0: Getting Started with MATLAB
An Introduction to MATLAB (from the Univ. of Dundee)
Useful LaTeX Commands in Math Mode -- Useful for MATLAB as well.

Advanced Matlab coding resources of interest:

Code Vectorization Guide for Matlab
Matrix Indexing in MATLAB

MuPAD resources:

A MuPAD beginners guide. (permission).

Nonlinear regession resources:

Here is a good discussion and method for fitting a sine:
Example m-file from the above link

Math Application Resources: (for all classes)

MATLAB Student version
Maple (campus wide installed by ITS) (see Prof. Kowalski for help, he is the campus expert)
Sage (an open source general math tool -- built for more advance math problems)
SciLab/Xcos (an open source MATLAB/Simulink alike)
SciLab/Xcos's hardware in the loop.
Octave (an open source MATLAB look alike)
FlowDesigner (never tried... an open source LabView look alike?)

Tools for writting technical reports and papers: (for all classes)

Overleaf -- a web-based collaborative version of LaTeX
TeX/LaTeX -- is an open source typesetting program for writing technical reports and presentations:
TeXblog -- is a collection of useful information about TeX and LaTeX
TeXLive - a free version of LaTeX for all standard platforms (i.e. Windows, MacOS X, & Linux)
LyX -- The Document Processor -- A WYSIWYM version of LaTeX/TeX for all platforms
BibTeX -- is the automated method for bibliography creatation within LaTeX
JabRef -- is a BibTeX editor for all platforms
Xfig -- is a graphics editor for LaTeX vector graphics

Resources for using LaTeX to write reports:
An Introduction to LaTeX-2e
Guide to LaTeX : a great book on using LaTeX

Resources for using LaTeX to write presentations:
An Introduction to Beamer
A Second Introduction to Beamer
A Third Introduction to Beamer
Beamer Themes

Free graphics tools:
Gimp: a Photoshop look-a-like
Inkscape: an Illustrator look-a-like

Free/lowcost Programing/Embedded System tools:

FDTI Drivers:
Hardware supported under Simulink Waijung blockset
Simulink Waijung blockset for ARM Processors: this includes gcc compiler chain
Additional addon block set for the Waijung blockset for ARM Processors: this includes gcc compiler chain

Project Tracking Tools

Trello -- link
Trac -- link
Redmine -- link
SVN -- link
GIT -- link
How To: Use SVN on Windows Machine

Tools for each student in our brave new digital world:

What is S/MIME
Setting up your electronic signatures on a Mac
Sources of Free SMIME Certificates
OpenSSL Commands
How-to-Apple Develorper SMIME Certificates

Parallel development tools for SMPs: (all students)

Intel Cilk Plus
CilkPlus Org
The Original Cilk From MIT
CilkPlus supported in GCC Mainline

Circuit Design and Component Design Helps : (all students)

Choosing a slew rate that is consistant with the bandwidth

Slew Rate = 2 * pi * Bandwidth (Hz) * (Peak Voltage)
Example vender for manufactured ciruit boards (OSH Park)

Additional Insights : (all students)

History of Computer Language Development

Thought on learning: (for all classes)

Some ideas about learning difficult subjects as well as simply general thoughts on human thinking by Richard Feynman, who was one of the great physicists. This is well worth hearing (for all classes, and all levels of education):
Part 1 - Part 2


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