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Spring 2017
Our SDSMT NASA USIP projects just completed thier initial CDRs; check out our MOCHA's (Multispectral Observation of Crop Health for Agriculture) introduction video, March 23, 2017.

Spring 2014
School of Mines Professor recieves part of an IEEE Award for Control Systems Related Cyber Security Research, Dakota Midday, SDPB South Dakota Public Broadcasting, Aug. 5, 2014.


Apr. 16, 2013
Selected 2012-2013 FRANC senior projects.


Feb. 8, 2013
FRANC has a new home page.

Another new item is SDSMT's new overview video, see the new link above.



General Teaching and Research Interests

Welcome to Dr. Charles R. Tolle's personal webpage. I am an Associate Professor in the department of electrical and computer engineering. My general teaching and research interest are in the areas of Control Theory, System Identification, Autonomous Systems, Autonomous Vehicles (e.g AUV, UGV, UAV), Fractals, Biomedical Image Processing, Robotics, Friction Stir Processing, GMA Welding and NDE & NDT testing. For more information about teaching, research, and graduate students within my group, please select the links above.

Dr. Tolle's Background:

Dr. Tolle was a former Group Leader at the DOE's Idaho National Laboratory (INL) . He continues to serve as a senior researcher for INL's ICIS signature. His 24 years of research has included system identification, fractals, analysis of signals, target detection, chaos and complexity theory, control of thermal mechanical processes such as welding and tube making, signal motivation, vector quantization for image compression, fuzzy logic modeling and control, biological and biomedical control systems, as well as aircraft guidance. His research has been supported by General Electric, Hamilton Ventilators, Honeywell CFGS, and TARDEC & ARL, U.S. Army research labs, the RMt.NASASGC, and the DOE Offices of Science, Industrial Technology, and Fossil Energy. Dr. Tolle is still designated as a Senior Researcher for the INL’s ICIS signature, and servered for a limited time as an Apple Cooperative Researcher (under Apple Inc.’s Advanced Computational Group). In addition, he served as the founding Chairman of the Technical Advisory Board of the Rocky Mountain Robotics Coalition, a 501c3 inter-mountain educational foundation for science, engineering, and technology outreach and a Trustee of the RMt.NASASGC. He has authored/co-authored over 50 conference presentations, invited talks, conference papers, and peer-reviewed papers on research performed to date. In addition, Dr. Tolle has five patents, two of which have been licensed by a U.S. industrial firm. He is a senior member of the IEEE, member of the IEEE Controls Society, member of the IEEE Computer Society, full member of Sigma Xi, Member of AWS, as well as a member of the Idaho Section of the American Nuclear Society (IANS). Dr. Tolle has received over 5.8 million dollars of research funding to date.




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